ARTTERRACE is a company which we - twin sisters Ginta and Santa - established in the fall of 2011.
Since the first days of the brand, we have been making jewelry from polymer clay - earrings, brooches.

Initially, in search of our identity, we experimented a lot, learned, grow. There is a feeling right now
that we have found our way. Our biggest source of inspiration is Latvian nature.

A few years ago, we start make the bags. The jewelry we create is characterized by gorgeous
natural shapes and colors, while in our bag design dominat minimalism.

It is gratifying to know that our products are also valued in other regions of the world - a large part of our products travels outside Latvia - to the USA, Australia, China, European Union countries, and sometimes to some more exotic destination.

Along with making jewelry and bags, we also deal with graphich design and wall paintings.
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